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Local Expertise

National Perspective

Independent real estate appraisers and advisors providing consistent, diligent and reliable valuation solutions throughout Vancouver Island and the Coastal Regions of British Columbia for more than thirty-five years.  

Our core business is industrial, commercial, and residential valuation as well as insurance valuations and depreciation reports (reserve fund studies).





We assist our clients in minimizing their property tax burden by appealing inequitable or erroneous property assessments. With substantial expertise in the property tax assessment function, we can identify errors in the application of property assessment policy and procedure, carry through with negotiation, case preparation and presentation at all stages of assessment appeal hearings if necessary, including appearance in court. Proper research and presentation can result often in reductions in tax payable without ever proceeding to the assessment appeal hearing stage.  Outsourcing your firm’s property tax monitoring to our experts will reduce overall expenses and allow your employees to focus on their area of expertise.



Cost services include estimating the reproduction or replacement cost of built and site improvements for insurance purposes, as well as provision of cost and progress inspection reports associated with mortgage financing. 


Our fully qualified and designated appraisers have completed thousands of residential appraisals over the past 35 years on single family homes, strata titled condominiums, acreage properties and recreational properties for financing purposes, legal and estate purposes, taxation, purchase and sale and marketing purposes.  


Our core business is provision of independent and unbiased appraisal reports on all types of real estate including general commercial, industrial, multi-residential, institutional, and special purpose properties. Valuations functions include mortgage financing, purchase and sale, estate settlement, asset management, dispute resolution, among others.

Industrial properties are the economic engine of a community, and we have solid experience appraising light and heavy industrial facilities, manufacturing, and warehouse properties.  For over 35 years, we have appraised industrial properties throughout Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast Regions.  We have experience providing comprehensive appraisal reports on all types of industrial real estate.

Through VerraGroup, Jackson & Associates is connected to a team of experts from across Canada who have experience in a wide scope of real estate types. Our affiliation with VerraGroup allows us to incorporate national level data and perspective into our reports.


Jackson & Associates provides insurance appraisal reports throughout Vancouver Island and within the Sunshine Coast regions.  An insurance appraisal is a replacement cost analysis which provides an accurate estimate of the amount of insurance required to replace each structure and/or amenity exactly as it stands on the day the report was prepared.


Each of our appraisers have significant experience in construction cost valuation, and have the expertise and experience to provide insurance appraisals for any type of property. We recognize that accurate valuations require an on-site inspection of the structures and amenities, and the utilization of construction plans. 


Jackson & Associates Ltd. also provides Depreciation Reports throughout all of British Columbia including the Vancouver Island and Coastal Regions, Kootenay and Boundary Areas, Okanagan Regions, and the Northern parts of the province.   A Depreciation Report is a financial planning process to ensure that sufficient funds are available throughout the life of a strata development for the replacement or repairs of the common property elements of the Strata Corporation.


A professional Depreciation Report Plan ensures that all strata owners invest their proportionate share of the cost of these components during their period of ownership, and reduces or eliminates; the need to charge special assessment levies by scheduling regular contributions to the Reserve Fund.


We have fully accredited Certified Reserve Fund Planners (CRP) on staff, who have completed a comprehensive course of study on Depreciation Reports and Reserve Fund Planning by the Real Estate Institute of Canada.  Our reports are detailed, comprehensive and easy to understand.


Our qualified in-house machinery & equipment valuer is able to assist clients in the valuation of specialized equipment and chattel for a variety of purposes. 


Our reports are accepted world-wide and meet international valuation standards established by the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) and the European Valuation Standards (EVS). 


Accredited real estate appraisers are recognized by many courts as experts in matters related to real estate valuation. As such, we are often called on to undertake specialized analysis related to expropriation or other government or legislative related purposes. 



Valuation of vacant land can be a complex function that is tied to the fundamental concept of Highest & Best Use.


In forming an opinion of the highest and best use, there are essentially four stages of analysis: the potential use must be physically possible and legally permissible, there must be a profitable demand for such a use, and it must return to the land the highest net return for the longest period of time.



Professionalism & Integrity

Accredited AACI professionals are required to provide unbiased and completely objective opinions of value.  

 Learn more about our professional responsibility here.

 The foundation of VerraGroup is our uncompromising conviction-based leadership.  

Our focus is to reach and pivot to a new professional equilibrium in the Canadian Valuation industry

- to ensure that every report has been thoroughly completed with the highest level of professional analysis.  

In-depth Local Knowledge - National Perspective

 We recognize that in-depth local knowledge is essential for provision of accurate and sound valuation analysis and advice, and that such knowledge must be complemented with a broader regional and national perspective.  

To ensure the highest possible level of service to our clientele, Verra Group Valuation is building a national team of highly-motivated professionals having diverse knowledge and experience. 

We Listen Carefully and Strive to Add Value

A valuation report that provides a value, but doesn't go far enough to solve the client's problem or burning need may be useless. We're not in the business of providing you with something you don't need. We  always strive to understand our clients' goals and requirements, and then tailor our services to meet those needs. 

This approach is key to our primary goal of adding value where ever possible.



The valuation industry continues to evolve into an ever more complex field and strong valuation companies evolve with needs and requirements of our clients and partners.  Our professional and administrative staff are committed to providing leading edge valuation and consulting services and products for our valued clients.  Each member of our team brings a unique perspective, years of experience and a commitment to professional excellence to each of our valuation assignments.

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Through our affiliation with VerraGroup, we are able to accept and undertake large and complex assignments by leveraging the collective knowledge,  experience and manpower of our national team of professionals, as well as through access to national level data.

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St. John's, NL
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Comox, BC
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