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What We Do

Thorvaldson Appraisal Ltd. has provided clients with professional appraisal reports on the following types of property:

Commercial and Industrial Appraisals
Commercial & Industrial
  • Offices (Owner-Occupied, Single & Multi-Tenant)

  • Commercial Retail Units (CRU's)

  • Strip Malls (Multi-Tenant Shopping Centers)

  • Warehouses and Industrial Properties

  • Hotels and Motels

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Mixed Use Commercial Properties

  • Stand-Alone Retail Outlets

  • Grocery Stores and C-Stores

  • Vacant Land and Commercial Lots

  • Subdivision Development (residential and commercial)

  • Recreational Properties & Lodges

  • Historic Sites

  • Riding Mountain National Park Commercial Properties

  • Mini-Storage Properties / Mini-Warehouses

  • Automotive Dealerships

  • Churches / Funeral Homes

  • Hutterite Colonies

  • Farm Implement Dealerships

  • Petroleum Storage & Card-Lock Facilities

  • Market Analysis and Rental Rate Surveys

  • Mobile Home Parks

Agricultural Appraisals
  • Cultivated and Non Arable Land Appraisals

  • Rural Yardsites with Residential and Agricultural Buildings

  • Equipment Storage Facilities

  • Grain Elevators and Seed Storage Facilities

  • Livestock Production Facilities - Hog Production and Cattle Production

  • Feedmills

  • Dairy Operations

  • Potato Operations

  • Conservation Easements

Pre-Listing and Pre-Sale Appraisals
Prelisting & Presale

An objective and independent appraisal provides vendors, purchasers and realtors with real estate value certainty. Everyone involved can have peace of mind going into a real estate transaction, that fair market value has been established by an appraiser who is accredited with the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Where possible, our reports incorporate ARGUS Valuation - DCF™ software – well regarded in the industry to assist with commercial real estate cash flow projections and asset valuation analysis.

Mortgage Financing
Mortgage Financing

Obtaining a loan to assist your real estate purchase or renovation requires your financial partner to make lending decisions. The value of the real estate has an important role in whether or not the loan can be approved, the terms of approval and the pricing. An informed decision to obtain an AACI report helps both parties work together by bringing certainty to the property value. You have other things to do than wonder if there is enough security for the loan. Our firm can help you get the answers you need within a time frame that reflects our commitment to you.

Estate Appraisals
Estate Appraisals

In Manitoba, the courts rely on an AACI appraisal report to assist in making the important decisions needed to settle the estate. We have completed many of these assignments for both individuals and law firms.


People work together in business and enjoy living in the communities that they share. When the term of a lease is coming up for renewal, our firm has helped property owners and tenants achieve a fair rental rate that reflects current rents for their market area. We provide expert witness testimony at arbitration panels when needed.

Replacement Cost and Reconstruction Cost Estimates
Replacement Cost

Condominium corporations are one form of commercial property ownership. Knowing that the office complex or warehouse site is not over-insured or under-insured helps establish accurate and cost effective insurance levels. Properly detailing the cost estimate for such commercial enterprises requires the skill of a trained AACI who has the leading and most updated costing software needed to get it right.


An owner recieves compensation when private property is acquired for public purposes. An AACI appraisal for the purposes of expropriation is distinguised from a routine appraisal by the rules that apply in estimating compensation. Whole Takings, Partial Takings and Injurious Affection on property not taken but affected by a taking, all require the expertise of a trained AACI to provide a clear understanding of the value loss and give expert evidence when needed.

Machinery & Equipment Appraisal Reports
Machinery & Equipment

Machinery & Equipment valuation may be needed for a wide range of reasons including purchase price allocation, bankruptcy, dissolution of corporations, partnerships or marriage, financine, insurance and loss settlement, leasing, taxation and internal management considerations.  Inventory valuation is also another area of M&E appraisal.   

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